Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Oh yea! 10K Achievement

It's 24 days since the Lincoln 10K, I feel amazing and I want to say a big thank you to all those that have helped me along the way.

When we were all getting ready to go up hill to the run I felt nervous and excited, and my two youngest children were with us. We walked up the hill and I can honestly say my heart was racing. I was glad of the beautiful sun shine and the support of my kids and friends.

There we were at the starting line and hearing the chatter, we were off and I kept going with many people on the side lines shouting us on. I saw many people I knew in the race either in front of me or running past me, which kept me going to catch them up! I loved hearing the drums and on occasions when I could get my breath, we chatted or I would be just listening to Maddy which she loved as she could get more conversation in than me this time as I am the one normally talking. I finished the run in 1 hour 27 minutes which I must say I’m very happy about.

I raised a fantastic £450 for my chosen charity, The Johnson & Mukherjee Brothers Charitable Trust, so a big massive thank you to all those who supported my run.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Life is about achieving, let yourself know what you want and go for it...

As promised another update of my progress for the 10K, for those of you who don't know I fell ill after the new year and ended up with chest infection, upper respiratory and a wheeze on my right lung. Yes!!! Three weeks training lost and still recovering but nothing will stop me and, therefore, to help get myself back on track I spent a great morning on Thursday with Lesley Bradshaw joining in her Pilates class. I love going to Lesley's as I always come out taller, we did a few stretches and were concentrating on our postural and abdominal muscles. It's amazing how it strengthens and lengthens your core and posture. Amazing....

Through life we have many areas that we focus on: work, business, kids ,studying, and generally just life. I'm sure you've all had times when you know you could do something and then bam.... that old behaviour of being lazy jumps back in or you just simply use excuses or you are simply not motivated enough!!!!    

For myself I can say I have done all of these!! I've focused on my business and my children - all this has helped me but my physical body needs an overhaul!!!

It's a great feeling helping yourself and great having friends to help you along the way to achieve the goals that you are aiming for in life. A great thank you goes to Hazel for my present of a pair of running shoes from the Lincoln Runner, who were great and it was a laugh as I didn't expect that I would be running down the high street while they were observing me to see how I ran, this gave Nicky and Hazel a good laugh, thank goodness I was in my leggings and not my Marilyn Monroe dress.....

To test drive those new running shoes Nicky took me to the Gym and put me through some paces and got me on the treadmill, we won't tell Maddy yet what my finish time would be for the 10K as she has promised to stay with me and I'm sure she wouldn't want that timing, so I will keep going and let you know how I do...

Thought I'd share a photo from years!!!!! back when Maddy and I last ran the 10K together... No Laughing...

Life is about achieving, let yourself know what you want and go for it...

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Create the Choices that give you the best results

Its been an interesting few weeks since I have decided to do the 10K in March next year. Training is the key to achieve the best results possible.

I'm sure that I am fitter than I think but then to achieve the best out of my body I know the importance of putting time and effort to help me achieve that goal.

I often say I will be working for years as I really enjoy my work and love seeing people being inspired by themselves. Life is full of choices and this creates us more choices with different directions. It's with great thanks to my many friends who are helping me create this great achievement of giving back my fitness to myself.

Thank you Nicky Porter for my sessions at the Gym (& for taking all the silly photos!)

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

How wonderful life is...

Life is wonderful in many ways and shows us so much about the way we think, act, and be. I lost touch with a friend and we recently met up and years ago we ran in the Lincoln 10K together for charity.

Maddy Wilson is an amazing runner and when we ran all those years back she stayed with me all the time encouraging me all the way. Since being back in touch she has made a few jokes about me running in the coming 10K in Lincoln next March. I signed the entry form yesterday and Maddy has, once again, promised she will be by my side - OMG!

Life is wonderful and I feel truly blessed I have such great friends.. I'm not a runner, I'm not as fit as I could be.. Life and friendship has just given me a chance as all my friends are running around setting a fitness programme for me and Nicky Porter is going to see I follow it through as well as setting me a page up for my worthy charity.    

I feel that life has given me a chance to help me. By taking on this challenge I will be fitter, healthier, slimmer, and even more awesome! Life is truly wonderful.

Watch this space, I will be posting details of the fundraising page soon, so please follow my progress and support me in my challenge.

Friday, 21 November 2014

The Power of Self discussion group

I've often been asked to share my knowledge and understandings gained from years of experience working within this field. Helping others has given me a greater insight as to how we function within our daily lives - whether that's at work, home, school or with our family and friends. Changing perception of negative experiences has had a profound effect and I've often been asked "How did you do it?"

These groups are there so that I can share the gift of understanding that we all have and help people who choose to change their perception to see that life is indeed good.
Last nights meeting went really well, it's always good to have a Devil's Advocate in the room, everyone who attended took something positive away with them and we are already taking bookings for next years meetings.

The fact that people were asking questions and challenging the ideas put forward shows that they are already in the process of changing their perception and moving towards the understanding that will release them of any negative experiences that created this perception in the first place.

The meetings take place at Red Hall Lincoln, 26 West Parade, Lincoln. Places are limited so booking is recommended, you can download a booking form here.

If there are any particular questions you would like to bring to the meeting, or any topics you think would be interesting for the group to discuss please comment below.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Feel the fear, face it, be strong enough to look it in the eye and say "I choose not to be ruled by you!"

I remember a few times in my younger days at school learning how to swim, they were not my best times. Teachers may have had a lot to cope with in those days with regards to getting kids to swim. It's not something I did as a child, so my days in the pool were hard and fearful. In different schools I had a few teachers who lost patience in helping me and others to swim. Then one fatal day I had a teacher push me in a pool that was for diving, lucky for them that my parents never attended my school. I nearly drowned but I was saved by a student who could swim.
Looking back it was amazing that I decided to learn how to swim by paying for lessons at lunch time in high school.
I'd never been able to go under water until recently, with a help of a friend and another friend called fear... the only solution here was for me to bring fear to the swimming pool and really discover why I wanted to keep it! Can you imagine wanting to keep fear!! Well we do it without knowing.
I made a conscious choice to let it go, and that was a good solution. We struggle sometimes by unknowingly feeding the fear and repeating the patterns, never being able to move on from it.
Therefore, that would imply that the "bad" experience is still being played out in our sub-conscious, never allowing you to move forward creating limitations and perpetuating the fear.
Fear what is it? Do you suffer from it? Most of us do in various ways and at different times of our lives.. Fear is very real.
Anything can start it, it's not something many of us like to admit. It's OK to get help with it, you don't have to do this alone, enlisting the help of friends or professionals and bringing it out into the open often makes it more manageable, because it won't go away, it's always there.
Feel the fear, face it, be strong enough to look it in the eye and say "I choose not to be ruled by you!"
Take action, do it now - putting it off is a choice and will not solve it.